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I am an Australian filmmaker and photographer whose work with USAID, IFAW, and Sustainability International projects has focused upon international development, environmental conservation, and humanitarian emergencies. 

I also work as an emergency paramedic in Melbourne and hold a Masters of International Development Practice which I draw upon in my role as founder and director of the international charity, Grassroots Collective.

nonprofit client:

Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, Patagonia

Fundacion Corcovado, Costa Rica

Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua

Fundacion Mi Parque, Chile

Fundacion Complementa, Chile

Global Alliance for Animals and People, Chile

Ceferino Namuncura, Argentina

Fundacion Amartya, Argentina

Fundacion Claves, Uruguay


Fundacion BECA, Paraguay

Fundacion PASOS, Bolivia

Fundacion El Taller, Peru

Life and Hope Association, Cambodia

workshop partners:

Oceanwide Expeditions

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